Weeks #8 & #9

Monday 30th October to Sunday 12th November

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been so busy!! Sorry!

So on Monday I started my Weight-loss Journey. Being at uni has taken its toll on me, as it does many people. Many people end up comfort eating and it results in a lot of weight being put on. I’ve been affected by this so have decided to go on a major diet. I decided to do this to make myself feel better as well as look better and be healthier. I booked in some personal training sessions which have really got me motivated too.

This past fortnight has been all over the place haha but I got up to a few different things- I visited the library for the first time since I’ve been here! I also had a delicious breakfast at the Student Union- HUBS. It was so tasty! I then headed home for the weekend where I enjoyed dinner in London and a fantastic firework night at my house with family!

Aside from getting my hair cut on the second week then I haven’t really done much else!!