Weeks #2 & #3

Monday 18th September to Sunday 1st October

OMG I have had such a busy week as I’ve started all my courses! So this week I have combined my Welcome Week and my first week of lectures and seminars together as I had no time in Welcome Week to start writing!

So this was my first proper week in Sheffield- when it all started!! This is the week the first payment of student finance comes in! My biggest recommendation is to buy a budget planner. I got mine in Paperchase! It’s super cute!!!

So I started my week with a Welcome To Your Course lecture. It was a weird experience to start with but lectures are absolutely fine! Then afterwards I had a Getting To Know Your Course lecture. This was the same as before- absolutely fine and so useful & reassuring!

On Tuesday, I had to officially enrol into university! This was when it all felt real and exciting!! I then went along to the Societies and Activity Fair- I took a real interest in the Knit Like Your Nana society.

Then that afternoon I got to go to a course Activity & Social, where we had to work as teams to create things to complete certain tasks. This took place at Cutlers Hall. A beautiful, bespoke building opposite the Cathedral. I won a mug for good team leadership. The night was rounded off with wine and nibbles which was so much fun! That night we went to Popworld for the Zoo Party! It wasn’t the best and I wouldn’t recommend buying a freshers wristband, you’re much better off going to the events you feel like and paying on the door.


Wednesday was a strange day! I went a lecture called UniSmart which was quite strange but all about safety around university. It was so helpful!! I then headed to the Sport & Lifestyle Fair. Sadly, none of the sports appealed to me as I’m not that sporty haha. I would advise going to all the fairs so you can get to know about all the opportunities you can get involved in!

Thursday was a day just filled with lectures then that afternoon I headed to Meadowhall shopping centre and picked up some goodies then that evening I headed to The Botanist for Pampering & Prosecco Evening with Charlotte Tilbury!! It was such a lovely event and really gave me a break from all the welcome lectures!

On Friday I had the day off then I headed to my boyfriends house for the evening as all my flatmates had gone home so I was feeling quite lonely. So a pretty lowkey day. Saturday was one of my flatmates birthday so we headed out to Crystal where we got a VIP booth which was lushhhh. I’d definitely recommend getting one!! I ended the week with a chilled out Sunday in my pj’s watching Netflix.

On to my third week at uni!! This week was a bit more chilled out and I spent Monday and Tuesday doing lectures & seminars. Then on Tuesday night I tried out the Knit Like Your Nana society! It was so much FUN!! On Wednesday I got to go to the Meadowhall Student Night which was AMAZING!! Victoria’s Secret had some amazing sales and I got so much stuff! I would definitely recommend you go to an event like this!!

On Thursday, one of my best friends from home came over for the weekend which was so so lovely! We spent the weekend shopping then we went to the student union for food which was delicious then we went to Cosmo for dinner and cocktails! I then went and got my first tattoo on Saturday!

That’s all for now peeps!!

See you soon pals