Weeks 12, 13 & 14

Welcome back everyone! Happy 2019 (even though we’re already in February)

I can’t believe how behind I’ve been! I’m so sorry! So let’s all be honest… I sucked at insta stories over Christmas so over summer (a long while away I know) I will be sticking to the blog!

So a little round-up from my holidays: I had a lovely Christmas and it was nice to have a break from uni and to see all my family and friends from home.

I’ve been back at uni for 3 weeks now and I feel like I’ve finally got back into the swing of things and am organised now. Since being back I’ve done some fun stuff here in Sheffield. I went to an event at Benefit Cosmetics which was so nice! I love having my makeup done!!!

I also spent the weekend with my boyfriend and we went to the Victoria Quays which were super cute but it was freezing and the water was frozen!

Yesterday I went to the Sheffield Cathedral to The Craft & Flea Market (tagged in my last few insta posts). The market was lovely and I picked up some lovely bits (see my last few insta posts for more info). They’re from local Sheffield businesses and I’ll post what I got below with the brand!

Pura Cosmetics:

Little Greenwood:

My Vintage Prints:


Other than that it’s just been working hard at uni! So welcome back to my blog and I’ll see you on Wednesday! Be sure to keep checking my insta for latest updates! @myunilifeinsheffield

Han xoxo