Week #7

Monday 23rd October to Sunday 29th October

Sorry this post is coming to you on a Monday! I completely forgot to post yesterday as I was unwell.

This week has been really uneventful sadly. I haven’t done a lot really except work and relaxing. I did lots of cooking this week which has actually been so much fun! I’m starting to really enjoy cooking! On Saturday night I was organising my wardrobe and realised that so many of my clothes didn’t fit anymore! I think university makes many people gain weight as you comfort eat to feel better plus drinking non-stop. So I decided from Sunday that I would be on a strict diet and lose weight. I took a wander to the gym yesterday to start my diet and I took some pictures of Sheffield on my way!

Sorry that this post hasn’t been that interesting! I’m heading home this weekend so the next post should hopefully be super interesting!!