Week #6

Monday 16th October to Sunday 22nd October

It feels like its been forever since I wrote a blog post but its only been a week!! I’ve just been so busy that it feels like its been a lifetime! Sorry it’s a day late. I went home this weekend and got back so late that I didn’t have time to finish it and upload it.

On Monday, I met a friend (Julia) for lunch which was lovely. We had such a nice chat! Other than that and lectures- I didn’t really get up to a lot except looking at the beautiful Sheffield city! I then went along to the Big Pub Quiz at the Student Union- HUBS. It was so much fun but we came 18th out of 32.


Tuesday was a pretty boring day- not a lot happened really. I just chilled out and caught up with my work. Not a lot to say haha. Wednesday was great fun as I went shopping to Meadowhall with Julia. It was such a lovely day out and it was nice to get out of the flat too!

Thursday was the same as Tuesday really- not a lot to do!! This week I’ve been feeling quite homesick and lots of things have been going wrong! We lost all power to the flat on Thursday night which was a nightmare and had to move our food up to our friends flat! It was a disaster! So on Friday I decided to book a last minute ticket to Dan’s to cheer me up! I’m so happy I came back as this is my first time coming back in 6 weeks!! But I can’t believe I lasted 6 weeks! It’s crazy!! As I was down in Brighton at Dan’s, I thought I’d go and see one of my bestest friends from school as she goes to university down here! We met for lunch and cocktails which was so much fun!! It was lovely to catch up!!

On Saturday, I headed home for the day to spend time with my parents, grandparents and sister. And of course- my dog!! We spent the day chilling and playing monopoly. I had a bath and a kebab which were the two things I was missing so so much!!

On Sunday, I chilled out and went for a long walk with my family. I had a delicious home-cooked meal before I headed back to Sheffield! The train journey was so long and tiring. It was so good to just get back to my flat and go to sleep!!

Until next time!