Week 6

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I’ve got so many group meetings coming up this week as I have assignments due Friday so my stress level is right at the top as I’ve been trying to get prepared!! Believe it or not- not everyone that comes to uni cares whether they pass haha! Group work is difficult!

Last week was a pretty good week! I spent some time getting to know some other people that live in my building which was really nice as we’re starting to feel like a community now. I went round town a few of the days last week too, running various errands. The usual fun haha. They’re currently setting up for the Christmas Market which is exciting!! The light switch on is on Sunday. It’s such a lovely event where the market opens up. There’s lots of rides, bars and food stalls!! I’ll be blogging all about this in a couple of weeks when my mum & nan come to visit and we hit the market!

This week has been SO SO cold and wet here is Sheffield! Sometimes I can’t wait to get back down South where it’s warmer haha!!

This week at Hallam is Enterprise Action Week so there are lots of activities going on at university and in Sheffield- all to do with being an entrepreneur and setting up your own business. I’m so happy my uni offers this as this is something that really appeals to me. I’m also part of the Enterprise Society at Hallam so be sure to check out our society instagram account (@sbsenterprise) to see all about Enterprise Action Week. I’m hoping to get along to some of the events if I can’t these assignments out the way so keep an eye on my instagram too!!

See you Wednesday!!

Han xoxo