Week #5

Monday 9th October to Sunday 15th October

Hi lovelies!

I actually cannot believe I have been here for 5 weeks! It has gone crazy fast! I’ve made lots of lovely friends which has really helped me settle in to uni life!

I haven’t actually been up to a lot this week at all except lectures and seminars so sadly I haven’t managed to get many pictures this week or anything. I visited the gym this week which was actually pretty cool!! It was so modern!

Although I was lucky enough for my boyfriend (Dan) to come over this weekend! We didn’t get up to much except going out for lunch to Smoke Barbecue and then dinner at Cosmo (both restaurants are by the Winter Gardens). I’d recommend you try Cosmo!! Personally I wasn’t too keen on Smoke Barbecue.

We met Big Narstie the rapper in Cosmo which Dan got pretty excited about!!


(Pics- Food at Smoke and Big Narstie in Cosmo)

That was about it this weekend guys!

Also #studentstruggles! I had to hang my tights to dry in front of the window

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Lots of <3