Week 5

Welcome back! Can’t believe it’s week 5 already! The deadlines have come round SO quickly! I’ve spent most of this week really trying to get on top of my work and honestly it’s been so stressful! I would recommend getting on top of things early. Make lists of your deadlines and what you need to do for the module. It will really help you!!

Other than work- I’ve spent my week relaxing, reading and chilling out as it’s been getting dark SO early!! I even put a fire on my tv to give it more of a homely feel!!! (The picture at the top!) I’ve also been watching all the firework displays from my window! Perks of having a flat rather than a house in second year haha!

On Wednesday I’m going to be posting about staying organised at uni! A real hot topic with lots of tips that I could have done with myself in my first year!!

Sorry it’s only been a short post but my week hasn’t been that exciting!! Talk soon!

Han xoxo