Week #4

Monday 2nd October to Sunday 8th October


Welcome back my lovelies!!

This week has been really lovely as I got to spend time with both my mum & my boyfriend!! It was so nice to see them.

On Monday I queued up at the student union (HUBS) for a Pretty Little Thing event where everything was £2. Sadly I didn’t get into the event as I had to rush off to a lecture. My flatmate Emma made it in but she said ti was really busy and wasn’t that great!! So thankfully I didn’t miss out on much.

On Tuesday I didn’t get up to anything except lectures & seminars. I also went to the Enterprise Society that evening where I applied to be the Events Manager for all the Enterprise events!

Wednesday was my favourite day as my mum came to visit me!! We went for prosecco then spent the day shopping together and she treated me to a Tiffany perfume! It was so lovely to see her and catch up as it had been nearly 4 weeks! Later that evening we headed to The Botanist for cocktails which were absolutely AMAZING!! Then we headed to Fahrenheit for dinner which was delicious!!! Having my mum over was so so lovely! I missed her as soon as she left. I would recommend having family come to visit you rather than going home as this will help you to get over your homesickness. It’s recommended to stay at uni for at least 6 weeks before heading home yourself.

On Thursday I went for breakfast with my mum then she had to head home. I didn’t get up to much else that day except some food shopping and listening to my flatmates Rap Battle!! In the middle of Thursday night my boyfriend (Dan) turned up to come and see me as I was upset! It was so cute! Bless him!! :*

This weekend I went for lunch for one of my friends birthdays then I spent the rest of the time with Dan & we just spent time chilling out and chatting. We also cooked our own Nando’s which was super delicious!! We also went shopping and bought Monopoly which was so so much fun haha!!

I’ll chat to you next Sunday about my week- I’m hoping to get to the gym this week!! Lots of love