Week 3

Happy Sunday!

Week 3 has been pretty much filled with lectures and seminars- yay! Honestly not really much to report back. Uni is definitely starting to really kick in now so the hard work is starting! The highlight this week has really been my weekend!

This weekend I went to Lincoln to visit my friend Becky! It was so nice to explore somewhere different and it was lovely to go back there (I visited there when I was looking at universities and I loved it!) We had such a fun night out in Fever on Friday which left us a bit worse for wear on Saturday but that didn’t stop us haha! We spent Saturday going round Lincoln and exploring. We went to a delicious cafe where we had a tasty Parma Ham & Mozzarella Bagel. We then explored the castle and the cathedral which were both SO beautiful! If you check out my instagram- there will be lots of pictures going up of my trip to Lincoln soon but I’ll attach a few of my favourites here!

Hope you had a lovely week too!

See you Wednesday

Han xoxo