Week 15

Welcome back! How have you been?

The start of this week has been pretty uneventful if I’m honest. It’s just been doing work and organising my flat. On Wednesday I spent the evening with one of my best friends, Becky to celebrate her birthday! We went to The Botanist for dinner and cocktails and it was just so lovely to catch up!

Some pictures from my dinner

Thursday- Valentines Day!! Even though I spent this on my own as my boyfriend was back down South, it was actually a lovely day! The management team in my building did some super cute things to celebrate like adorable cupcakes and giving everyone a little bag of sweets in their postbox!

Also in the university library they did a ‘blind date with a book’ which was right up my street! Various books were wrapped up for students to take and keep as a little valentines date! So sweet!!

That’s all for this week!! I’l see you on Wednesday!

Han xoxo