Week 11

Happy Sunday everyone!!

This week I got to extend my time at home which was so lovely! It meant I got to spend more time with family and another day organising my boyfriends life! (He loves it really!!) 😉 Look how beautiful the Tiffany & Co. Christmas Tree is at London St Pancras! It is to die for!!! ❤️❤️

Once I returned to Sheffield on Wednesday, I’ve just been spending all my time doing work as I have two big assignments due next week and I’m determined to get them finished early!!!

I’m heading home next week for the Christmas holidays!! Yay!! 🎄 I put a couple of polls on my Instagram story about whether I should keep blogging over the holidays and whether I should blog or do Insta stories over the summer. Most people wanted me to carry on blogging but everyone wanted me to do Instagram stories. As I don’t think I’ll do both, I will be doing lots of Instagram stories over the holidays and return with the blog next year!

Sorry this week has been short but I haven’t done much really except work but now I’ll see you in the New Year!! Thank you for all your support this year! I love you all!

Byeeee 2018!!

Han xoxo