Week 10


This week I finally did something fun haha! The beginning of my week was of course going to lectures and completing assignments! I even got some results back and am on track for a 2:1!! Yay!!

On Thursday, I headed home for the first time since I moved back to uni in September. I’ve used this weekend to spend time with my family and take a break from assignments. I went for lunch with my parents on Friday to a lovely restaurant called Herbert’s! Friday night was so nice as I spent time with my sister, just us two which we haven’t done in so long!

Yesterday was a real family day as we spent time with some of my mum’s family and I finally got to see my boyfriend again! Today has been a great day just chilling out and relaxing and playing games in preparation for Christmas haha!!

This weekend has really been what I needed! Some lovely family time! I can’t wait to be back again for Christmas in a couple of weeks!

With the Christmas holidays coming up, I’m debating whether to take some time off from the blog over Christmas as it’s not going to be very uni related. I’m loving doing the blog but would you want to hear all about my Christmas? I’m going to do a poll on my insta story in the week so keep an eye out for that!!

Talk soon

Han xoxo