Week 1

Happy Sunday everyone!!

This is the first weekly update post of this new academic year! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

This week has been an exciting one!

I start back at uni this week. Second year! Quite scary! Still exciting though! I spent a lot of this week settling back into uni and running round to various shops to get what I need. I’m finally settled in my flat (I have a little studio near town- it’s super cute!) Check out some of my pictures below!

I went to my fave restaurant again this week- The Botanist and had some lovely food and cocktails with my boyfriend. It was lovely.

I also had a job recruitment meeting this week for Hallam Insiders (an organisation within the uni) and I’m excited to announce that I will be working for Hallam Insiders alongside my studies. I will be blogging and tweeting as well as doing snapchat segments for the university. I might even be giving vlog-ing a go!! Be sure to check out Hallam Insiders too! https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/hallaminsiders/

I met up with my friend Hannah this week too! We went for lunch at a lovely little place called Steam Yard. I love little independent coffee shops! Sheffield has lots of them! Be sure to keep up to date though my Instagram

I’ll see you Wednesday for my 10 tips to reduce uni stress!

Han xoxo

^My Studio Flat

^Food & Cocktails at The Botanist


^Lovely views in Sheffield

^Steam Yard Coffee Shop