Week #1

Saturday 9th September to Sunday 17th September

So I moved into my halls of residence in Sheffield on Saturday 9th September. I moved a week before university actually starts which was actually really good because it gave me time to explore before Induction Week started! It was a busy & hectic day and moving can become stressful! But just relax! I packed literally everything I owned pretty much as I just didn’t know what to take! I crammed the car so full haha! Everyone was so friendly and helpful once I arrived which really made me feel at ease! I spent the day unpacking and met my flatmates, who are so lovely! I then went for dinner with my family in Piccolino!

My parents left on Sunday, which was very emotional. Feeling homesick is very normal and everyone experiences it. It’s just something you have to persevere with. My biggest advice is to just get out and about in the city that you will be living in. I spent my whole week going for coffee and doing some retail therapy and just figuring out where everything is. I also attended a university event called HubsFest at the Student Union where I grabbed lots of leaflets to do with joining uni. I also went exploring the university buildings in order to find out where I needed to be for my welcome week as there are so many rooms to find!! Just relax and make sure you get out as much as you can. don’t stay cooped in your room as you’ll end up feeling miserable and homesick!

I’ve inserted some pictures at the end so you can see what my first week was like!


Drop me a tweet, message or comment if you need any more advice or a chat about uni life!!

See you again next week to chat all about my induction week!!!