Money Saving Top Tips!!

Hi guys! This post is all about my top tips to budgeting! Being at uni means you have to do your own shopping and washing and it can get so hard to keep on top of your money! If you aren’t careful then by the time you get half way through the first semester you’ll be broke!!

1. Try not to go into your overdraft- if you can avoid it then don’t go into your overdraft. The repayments and interest aren’t worth it! I know not everyone has the same opportunities but if you can then try to borrow money from your parents or get a job in your spare time (there’s plenty of spare time at uni!!)

2. Budget book- personally a budget book didn’t work for me. I gave it a go but I just couldn’t keep on top of it however, for a while I was able to keep track of my budget on my notes on my phone as I always had my phone on me so it was easier to put it in as soon as I spent it.

3. Meal plan- if you meal plan then it’ll be easier to know what food you need to buy and you won’t buy food that goes to waste.

4. Nights out- when you have nights out, whether that’s the bar, casino or a club- leave your bank card at home and disable ApplePay. This will stop you spending a crazy amount of money! Just take cash out with you and when it’s gone- it’s gone!

5. Stick to your maintenance loan- make sure you split up your loan and give yourself a certain amount you can spend each week. This way you won’t find yourself short of cash a month down the line!

I hope this helps you to budget a bit better and save some money!

Han xoxo

Photo taken from nerve