Making your uni room feel like home

You’ll finally be moved in and settled and hopefully not stressed out with uni so today I thought I’d give you some tips to making your uni flat feel just like home!

1. PHOTOS- most uni flats will have a notice board which honestly you’ll probably never end up using so why not cover it in photos! I got mine printed by Snapfish (you can download their app and get 50 free prints a month!) I covered mine in photos of my boyfriend, family and friends. Also check out for my instagram for some pictures my parents bought me from MixTiles (also the featured image for this post)! They stick on the wall with no damage afterwards!!

2. FAIRY LIGHTS- last year I absolutely covered my room in fairy lights! You can get them so cheap from places like Primark and Poundland and they really brighten up the room. So Cute!!!

3. BLANKETS & CUSHIONS- having lots of blankets and cushions on your bed will make it so cosy and comfortable. You can get lots of cheap blankets/throws from Primark. Tesco & Asda superstores sell some super cute cushions which really make the bed feel cosy!!

So switch on your fairy lights, bundle under a blanket and watch a movie!!!

Talk soon!

Han xoxo