Juggling uni & paid work

When you’re at uni, you might feel that you want/need to work. You might need some extra money if your student loan isn’t quite enough to cover your semester or maybe you just want a job to fill some your time.

As I mentioned in a previous post- I work for the university doing social media/blogging for a company called Hallam Insiders! https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/hallaminsiders/

So here’s a few tips I gathered from friends and my own experience on having a job whilst studying full-time at uni.

1. Don’t let your job take over all your time- at the end of the day you’re at uni to get a degree so don’t let your paid work make you miss lectures/seminars and always put aside time to do your assignments before you decide to go to work

2. Think about where you decide to work- if you permanently live local to your uni town then you’re better off getting a job in anywhere around that area but if your hometown is somewhere else then you’re better off looking for a job within your uni. Most unis offer jobs in their student union, for open days and marketing for the uni. Jobs within your uni will be much more lenient when it comes to needing time off for assignments (most uni jobs will let you choose your hours). They will also allow you the time off over the holidays when you head home to spend it with your families (as the uni will be closed anyway!!) We have a site called UniHub where we can look for jobs.

3. Make sure your employer knows your needs- when applying for jobs during uni and having interviews- be sure to let them know when your exam period is so that you can ensure you won’t have to work over this time. If employers aren’t willing to help you then why would you work there if it’s going to affect your degree? If your employer wants you to work more than your contracted hours- don’t feel pressured into doing more hours if you don’t have the time!

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Han xoxo