5 tips to dealing with homesickness

Hi guys!

I thought today I would post my top 5 tips to dealing with homesickness. I know first hand how hard homesickness is. Moving from Surrey to Sheffield was a hard move! So here are my top tips to deal with it & settle in nicely:

1. Don’t go home for at least 6 weeks- a lot of people get the bug and want to go home at weekends just to keep the homesickness at bay but this does the total opposite! As soon as you get back to uni after the weekend home- you will feel 100x worse! It takes about 6 weeks to fully settle in and only after that do I suggest going home for a weekend (and not every weekend! Just the odd one or else there’s no point being at uni!!!)

2. Making your uni room feel like home- if you decorate your room and make it cosy and homely (I like to use photos and fairy lights) you’ll feel so much better. Giving it that homely feel will just make it feel like you’ve gone from one home to the next! (I’m talking more on this in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that!)

3. Don’t lock yourself in your room- get up and go into the kitchen, the common room or even the washing room! Chat to people and it will really help. You’ll all be going through the same experience and feelings and it really helps to talk about it with each other.

4. Get out and about!- go out and explore the new place you’ve moved to! You have so much free time at university so why not go out and get to know the place! Do some shopping, go for some lunch or just have a wonder about! Get out into the fresh air! (The image at the top is me & my friends in first year going out for a Nandos!)

5. Go to your student union- it’ll be FULL of people! There will be fairs going on such as freebie ones, society ones! All sorts!! Get down there and check it out!

These tips really helped me and I hope they have helped you settle those homesickness blues!

Han xoxo