4 top tips to student discounts!

Being a student means you are entitled to so many fantastic discounts! Here’s some top tips of how to take advantage of them:

1. Make sure you’re signed up for ALL the student discounts sites

Majority of these are free so I would sign up for them as soon as possible. Every time you’re out shopping or if you’re shopping online- be sure to check if there are any student discounts you can use. Some of the top apps include: UNiDAYS, StudentBeans, Save The Student & NUS Extra (charge of £1 a month).

Images from StudentBeans & UNiDAYS apps

2. Be sure to check websites for special student deals

Lots of websites (particularly clothes sites) will offer students FREE delivery on top of discount codes. Make sure you spend some researching to find out what deals you can get and where! I know that boohoo.com definitely do! They also do a ‘meal deal’ where you get a dress, bag & shoes for £30! What’s not to love!!

Image from boohoo.com

3. Your Student ID card is like your life saver

Wherever you go be sure to take your student ID card- it’s the easiest way to prove you’re a student and get discounts quickly. Get it out at every till in every shop. It’s worth asking otherwise you’ll never know. University is expensive so be sure to take every advantage of being a student.

4. Check out fresher’s fairs

At the start of the academic year there will be so many fresher’s fairs happening. Lots of companies will be there promoting themselves. They’ll also be giving out plenty of freebies and vouchers- you’ll be overwhelmed with how many there are! Hold back on stationary shopping before the fresher’s fairs because you’ll get SO many free pens that you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Of course all these discounts make us want to buy more haha but be sure to remember to budget so you can still eat!! Just make sure you enjoy your time at university! Being a student is fantastic and has so many perks!

Talk soon

Han xoxo

(Featured image from CU Money Sense)