4 tips to staying organised at uni! (great tips for the future too)

Being at uni can be so overwhelming especially if you aren’t an organised person. Thankfully I LOVE to be organised so here are my top tips to getting organised and staying on top of things at uni!

1. Buy a planner/diary- I like to use an academic one which is ‘1 day to a page’ as I like to have lots of space to put everything in there. In my diary, I put my: appointments, lectures/seminars, meetings, weekends home, social events etc.

2. Have a to-do list- listing everything and ticking it off once you’re done makes life so much easier as you don’t need to remember everything in your head.

3. Regularly check your university page (mine is Blackboard)- staff will put up lots of helpful stuff on here as well as messages and little reminders. If you check these on a regular basis then you’ll be on top of things and won’t miss anything vital!

4. Keep on top of emails- it’s likely you’ll have SO many emails coming into your university account. Some will be relevant to you and some won’t be. Don’t let unread emails pile up. Sorting through your emails regularly is a good skill to have especially when you get to the workplace.

I hope these help to get you organised!

Han xoxo